Brand New Flat Wall Veneer-New Release

New Arrival!

We have brought in four flat veneer stones.  All loose stone pieces are split on the face and sawn on the back, allowing the application process to be managable. The veneers are pre-packed into set size crates in unit types that are easy to install and understand! The randomness of natural stone creates a unique and original look for every job.


Rock wall flat veneer-desert bloom

Desert Bloom is a natural stone sandstone split face flat veneer.

Rock wall flat veneer-Mojave Blend

Mojave Blend flat veneer is a sandstone natural stone veneer that has a split

face finish. It multicolor with medium to high variation 

rock wall flat veneer-yukon blend

Yukon blend is a granite natural stone flat veneer, ideal for walls. It has a

split face finish and has most grey hues with slight variation.


rock wall flat veneer-sonoma valley

Sonoma Valley is a sandstone split face finished flat veneer stone. There is

medium to high variation primarily in the brown hues.

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