The Look: Natural

The Design:

The natural look displays elegance and beauty through the beauty of natural stone. The variation within the stone itself gives your pool a simple yet beautiful look. The waterline tile below the ledgerstone is a 6” earthtone porcelain tile.

Achieve the look:

oak mountain 6”x24” interlocking panel (quartzite)

Nepal Behali 6”x6” Tile (porcelain) Get the Look from C Tile Plus’s online store by using the oak mountain ledgerstone on your raised area and the Nepal Behali 6”x6” porcelain tile as your waterline tile. Trim tile for steps to match

Add Character:

Loggerhead pool mosaic The pool mosaics are a great addition to your new/remodeled pool. Fun for children and gives your pool a unique and original feel.


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