Designing a swimming pool can seem to be a long challenging process, but with a few easy to remember tips the end result seems manageable. So how to keep up with the stylish most up to date look? We all know that certain looks fade in the change of seasons. So how do we choose the right material that is trendy but won't go out of style? Avoid flashy pool tiles that are sure to make a statement initially but next summer wishing to have gone with a more simple and subtle tile selection. This is a common occurence. There are several tile brands that have pool tiles that are high glossy with lots of colors. There is nothing wrong with these types of pool tiles just as long as they are maintained frequently and you absolutely love them! One helpful tip for not regretting your pool tiles is to choose a simple tile that will look elegant without the "flashy look", not to mention these types of tiles are usually less expensive. You are going to want to choose the larger tile because of less grout joint. if the "natural look" is not the desired look then the next trendy option are Glass Pool Tiles. Glass pool tiles are becoming more popular in todays design culture and not just for swimming pools but is commonly seen in interior applications as well. You are fine in choosing mosaic glass tiles as your waterline tile, however avoid any mosaic glass tiles with stone and stick with colors within the blue spectrum. This is important to avoid a trend fallout. Blue colors will always be in the swimming pool industry, so you don't have to worry about your pool tiles going out of style. These tips will guide you in making an informative decision when it comes to choosing pool tiles. In the pool industry today there is more and more natural stone being used in pools and around them. This is seen with ledger stone. Ledger Stone panels are natural stones that give a rustic and sophisicated look of natural stones with an unfinished front surface. This type of style gives a rugged appearance with more definition and irregular edges. They come in panels for easier installation. There are a couple of tips to follow if deciding to incorporate natural stone in the mix! First things first, stone has to be sealed because it is a natural stone. When using stone around a pool you are going to want to choose a strong and durable stone. Quartzite is the favored stone to use, avoid stones like sand stone and never use stone in direct contact with your pool water. In other words, you can use ledger stone on raised areas where there will be low amounts of water contact, but can't be used on the waterline. You are going to want to choose a stone that has some of the colors as the tile you are using. It is important to match your tile and stone but not to the point where they look blended as one. The very last tip is to use pool mosaics as a unique and original finishing touch! Use these tips when trying to decide the types of materials to use for your swimming pool project.

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